Winamp controlband

Winamp controlband 1.0

A really tiny control bar for the Winamp Audio Player
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As I said in one of my previous reviews, we like Winamp. It's one of the most popular audio players in the world, with a really big community, which keeps designing new skins, adding new plugins, and thinking about implementing new functionality and different ways to use this great program.
Well, here I have found another little piece of software, very simple, very small, very fast. The name is "Winamp ControlBand" and it's just that: another toolbar between the taskbar and the system tray (where we normally found the Language Toolbar, God, I hate that toolbar!), with the ability to perform the basic Winamp commands. And when I say basic, I actually mean it.
Play, Pause, (these two are the same of course), Previous, Next, Volume and a "Show Winamp" button. Finally, a 2-pixel progress bar. And that's all! There is no more! No right-click menu, no configuration screen, nothing at all.
But hey, wait a minute, sometimes this is not so bad as it sounds. Sometimes you need just that, and nothing else.
Personally I don't like these 'addons', in fact somewhere I saw another one that placed the buttons right next to the minimize window button.

Review summary


  • It's tiny, almost invisible


  • Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable, you can't know what the buttons do until you press them
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